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A word from the Founder
We want to propose a budget friendly solution that both young and adults will appreciate because it combines learning with  fun, is not as disruptive as a day of training and is far from being as  dull as an  hour or two of eLearning. Thank you for helping us to make CoolStudio the most enjoyable learning experience.


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How long is a module?

Each module is designed for about 6 hours in total, in 3 sessions of 2 hrs. Other formats are possible, we will adapt to the demand as we go along.

What can I expect to achieve upon completion of the module?

Each module treats a simple, single topic in an interactive, fun manner with a clear objective and takeaways. While each module is a stand-alone exercise, they are usually part of larger subjects, developed over multiple periods.

Are there any prerequisites for the course?

No, there are no prerequisites, everyone can attend, following his/ her personal interests and desire.

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